Supreme Quote #118 Free hosting until i can pay for it, not the other way around, i dont like to gamble. No sponsors but ads of some kind might be an option later. No incoming delegations, no one elses money used or asked, Votes only as im not allowed to be a tax-criminal atm. No promises, no obligations on either side, E.T.A. : nAn - selling what i dont have yet is more the style of mister handshake-day faction ... as they say on planet Crypton : coming soon : eta : nAn
register/link - account lookup - login
use the provided placeholders for a peek if progress
or your @goldmanmorgan voting account and choose a password to link (not your steemkey(s) but even if you did its encrypted more than once and wouldnt even reach the server so i would never know what password you have
the mysterious peg : "