welll euhm ... i detected some lag on loading earlier so to prevent anyone from thinking its bugged, here's a loading screen at zero seconds while it loads the actual page ... please upvote some @tyrnannoght @goldmanmorgan @rudyardcatling @ubasti and @ all the rest linked from there so maybe i can host it on a PAID server by 2050 when it goes live ;-)

just dumping some stuff i had lying around to have at least a few loading screens ... the essence wil be under /tyrnannoght/ later ofcourse but as far as javascript goes i need it for my epic

no, no 1024kb fancy loader as that is contrary to the point. It usually takes less time than the time you need to read all this but in the age of virtual machines and seeing as this is a free account since thats what i can afford SOMETIMES i notice it takes a few seconds, every now and then , not very much, so by the time you read all this it should be on the actual index page as this is set at zero seconds refresh time. Ganbarrei ! , i mean good luck , i mean ... keep on steeming
... and demonstrating ...:D